Thursday, September 5, 2013


Here are some recent rave reviews of The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition from our friends in the blogosphere...

“Mousebreath’s summer intern (shown in the photo above) has been busy reading the latest book by our friend Quasi – The Deluxe Edition of his pawpular The World Is Your Litter Box. It’s jam-packed with vital info every young cat needs to know, like:

·         How to Look Cute
·         20 Things Cats Don’t Have to Do
·         The “Awwww” Scale and How to Use It
·         How to Get Food Anytime You Want It
·         20 Good Places to Throw Up
·         15 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Pet Sitter
·         What to Do If Your Human Puts You On a Diet
·         Flummoxing Enigmas for Cats (the intern confesses that he has no idea what a flummoxing enigma is, but he’s pretty sure he’d like to put the bitey on it)

 As you can see, this is information every single cat in the universe needs and the intern’s had nearly exploded from everything he learned. He also pointed out that there was not a single thing in the book that said he couldn’t use the cranky old Siamese in the house as a chew toy. So, kittehs, are you willing to take your first step to world domination today?” Here’s where you can get your own copy of The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition. It’s also a purrfect gift for new cat parents.”

The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition arrived at our door and the cats immediately tried to keep it away from my prying eyes. Clearly, there were cat secrets in it they didn’t want us humans to see. One fearless cat, Quasi, reveals all with the help of his hapless human, Steve Fisher… it’s funny and true!”
     --Cat Wisdom 101

“Quasi understands that humans, no matter how crazy they may be about cats (refer to the chapter How to Tell if Your Human Is a True Cat Nut!), need a lot of guidance on how to truly appreciate and serve the needs of the cats who shares their lives.  And who better to enlighten them then Quasi. The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition is not only the perfect gift for first time cat parents, but will  have veteran cat lovers laughing out loud as they recognize their own feline companions in some of the pages.
     --The Conscious Cat
“Do you know Quasi? Like me, he is a cat expert… who happens to be a cat. Which is great for you kitties who need tips on how to handle unruly humans and dominate your household. In The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition, he has reissued his first book (The World Is Your Litter Box), included six important chapters from his second book (The World is Still Your Litter Box), and added in his very best and most informative posts from his blog. Want to know how to get fed anytime you want? Take advantage of your pet sitter? Get attention when you want it — and find good hiding places when you don’t want attention? Quasi has it all here. And crucially, he has devoted a chapter on how to get away with unacceptable kitty behavior. Quasi has presented all this useful info in a fun, humorous manner, which is awesome — it’ll give you a smile, and your human may even laugh out loud, never realizing that this is just another way to indoctrinate him or her into kitty serfdom. Yes, they are being taught how to better behave, even as they read it! How handy is that? The World Is Your Litter Box: Deluxe Edition will make training your humans a lot easier. You want the upper paw in your household? Get it.”
     --Sparkle the Designer Cat

The critics (and kitties) have spoken! Treat yourself to a copy of The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition today and find out just how right they are! The ebook version is only $3.03 at Amazon.

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