Monday, September 16, 2013


Warning… today's post is somewhat sexual in nature, so if you’re easily offended by such things, better stop here.

Hard to believe that when today you can watch Miley Cyrus lick a sledgehammer on TV, sex was once a very taboo subject in most countries. Humans had sex (obviously), but it was typically not talked about, and it certainly would NOT have been depicted on TV if TV had been invented at the time. Also, before male humans became enlightened and aware of the needs of women (to the extent they have), sex for women was often viewed as an ordeal to be gotten through as quickly as possible. In Victorian England, mothers reputedly told their daughters on their wedding nights to “close your eyes and think of England” when the big moment arrived.

Now right about here, you're probably thinking, "Geez, Quasi, that's really interesting, but what does all thins have to do with us kitties? Well, nothing actually... but it does serve as a setup to today's cat meme. Behold the kitty version of "close your eyes and think of England"....


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