Friday, September 13, 2013


Here are two more reviews of my fabulous new book, The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition:

"With wishkerslist now out, I'm reluctant to even tell you about this book. Like our cats need any more ammunition! The World is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition is a book by Quasi (with minor help from Steve Fisher), who is a feline expert on his own kind, and willingly shares how-to advice for other cats who wish to manage their human better and enjoy cat life to the fullest!

This deluxe edition includes the original version of The World is Your Litter Box, along with six chapters from The World is STILL Your Litter Box. But wait, there's more! You'll also find some of the funniest posts from Quasi's blog.

If your cats manage to get their paws on this book, they can expect to learn a few things. Here are the pages that were dog-eared (ha) by little paws in my house:
  • How to Get Away With Unacceptable Kitty Behavior
  • 20 Things Cats Don't Have to Do
  • How to Get Food Anytime You Want It
  • 20 Good Places to Throw Up
  • How to Wake Your Human from Even the Deepest Sleep
  • How to Get Attention When It's Convenient for You
  • 20 Good Places to Hide
There's much more, but these are apparently the ones my cats found especially interesting. This, my friends, worries me. Not only are they logging on to my computer, now they're engaging in book research! I think I'm in trouble."
     -- Angie Bailey, Author of whiskerslist

"'Remember fellow cat, your human was put on earth to cater to your every want and whim.' ~ pg. 52

Quasi has written a cute little manual for cats everywhere. By reading this book, cats will learn how to manipulate and control their humans. As a human reading this book I recognize all these behaviors in my own cats.

Some of the best parts of the book include: "How to Get Away with Unacceptable Kitty Behavior." Also, I enjoyed reading the questions and answers about cats. There is also lots of advice on how to look cute. Other topics include trips to the vet, pet sitters, and how to play games with your human.

Quasi does have quite the amusing personality. He writes for cats, but humans are going to get a few laughs too."
     --The Rebecca Review

The critics have spoken! But don't take their word for it... buy a copy of The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition and see for yourself... you won't be disappointed.


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