Friday, September 27, 2013


Can't get enough funny (and cute) cat memes on I Can Has Cheezburger and all the other cat meme sites?
Well, it just so happens that for the last four or five months, Steve (my human) has been creating cat memes and putting them on The World Is Your Litter Box Facebook page... and I must say, most if not all of them are VERY funny! If you go to The World Is Your Litter Box Facebook page and click "Like," you'll get a new cat meme on your Facebook page everyday. Just think... no matter how bad your day may be going, you can be assured of having at least one good laugh!

And if you want to see several of the cat memes in one place (other than the Litter Box Facebook page), visit my Pinterest page... or you may want to visit my page on Catmoji,which is a new site devoted solely to cat photos. Regardless of what you choose, we hope you enjoy our cat memes and have lots of laughs!

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