Tuesday, September 10, 2013


In Milton, West Virginia on Saturday, firefighters arrived at a house fire and were very surprised to discover they had been beaten to the scene by – hard to believe, but true – Batman and Captain America! And what’s even better, the intrepid duo had already bolted inside and rescued the household cat.

Batman and Captain America (shown with the lucky cat in the photo above) are actually John Buckland and Troy Marcum, who were in costume for a local event at an American Legion post. Buckland, a former firefighter, and Marcum burst into the house looking for occupants, but found only a very terrified kitty. They brought the cat outside, where it was resuscitated by Buckland, and is now doing fine.

And how did this lucky kitty thank Batman and Captain America once he realized he was safe? He looked the superheroes in the face and gave them a nice, juicy hiss!

Holy hissy-fit!

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