Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Right about now, you’re probably wondering, “Hey, Quasi, what have you been doing all this time that your blog has been on hiatus?” Well, fellow cats (and cat lovers), I’d like to say I’ve been solving complex geopolitical problems, working on a cure for cat scratch fever, or developing clean sources of energy… but the fact is, I’ve been mostly napping, eating, cleaning myself, and just plain being a cat.

However, during my absence from the cat blogosphere, I did manage to put paw to paper (so to speak) and come up with the deluxe edition of my classic book, The World Is Your Litter Box. Here’s how it all came about…

As many of you already know, the original edition of The World Is Your Litter Box: A How-To Manual for Cats was released by Sterling Publishing in 2008. After a nice run of slightly over four years, as happens with so many books, Litter Box was deleted from the Sterling catalogue and went out of print. After serious deliberation of about five seconds, I decided that I wasn’t quite ready to let The World Is Your Litter Box fade into obscurity. So, I instructed Steve (my human, typist and personal assistant) to reacquire the rights to the book from Sterling, which he was able to do. We then considered ways to reissue Litter Box and make it even better for current and future generations of cats. We ultimately decided to create a “deluxe” version of the book that included The World Is Your Litter Box in its entirety, six chapters from The World Is STILL Your Litter Box (my second book), and the best posts from the first incarnation of this blog. The result… The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition.

If you missed The World Is Your Litter Box the first time around, here’s your chance to read what many cats and cat lovers consider to be one of the funniest cat books of all time. This is also the first time The World Is Your Litter Box has been available as an ebook that may be read on all types of devices (and at Amazon, the ebook version is only $3.03!)

So fellow cats, use your kitty wiles to get your human to buy you a copy The World Is Your Litter Box Deluxe Edition: A How-To Manual for Cats. I hope you enjoy it, and that you visit my blog often.


Traveling Cats said...

I just put your book in my sidebar to help you promote it. Have a lovely Tuesday.

Quasi said...

Thanks, Traveling Cats! We really appreciate your help!