Thursday, April 3, 2008


This morning, while Steve and his female (yes, she's back) were reading the newspaper, I noticed an article about celebrities whose medical records were leaked to the press... in this case, Farrah Fawcett. As a cat who is on the brink of becoming a world-famous author (not to brag or anything), I think this is human behavior at its worst. Hey, I'm just as curious as the next guy about Britney Spears' latest hangnail, but do I want a bunch of slimy paparrazzi snooping through my veterinary records to see if I've had my anal glands expressed? No way! I'm also very concerned about all my kitty friends in the blogosphere... and everywhere else for that matter. Our privacy MUST BE RESPECTED!
So remember, fellow cats... if you see any paparrazzi at your vet's office, give them a good cuffing (or at least a good hiss) to let them know this type of human behavior will NOT BE TOLERATED!


Cat-a-holic, Lilly and Laila said...

Don't forget the bitey always works too.

Quasi said...

Hi Cat-A-Holic, Lilly & Laila,
Yes, you're right. Sometimes a bitey is necessary. Lowering one's head and moaning to give them a good scare might also be a good idea.

Your Friend,

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh yes, the bitey is good. Also whapping with claws out. Beans, even when famous, and kitties should have privacy when it comes to a lot of things...espcially medical records.

Quasi said...

Hi Mr. Hendrix,
Yes, you're also right... whapping with claws out is good!

Daisy said...

Uh oh! Medical records should be confidential. I would not like anybody reading the sordid details about my bladder stone surgery. I can barely stand to think of it myself. ::shudders::

Quasi said...

Hi Daisy,
You're right. Going to the vet is bad enough without the whole world knowing what actually goes on there!

Anonymous said...

**giggle**, oh, I agree wholeheartedly! Paparazzi are simply not to be tolerated at the vet's office.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Quasi said...

Hi Marilyn,
Thanks for the purrs and snuggles. You still have the best cat name ever!

Mickey said...

Hey Quasi!! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I too, am a 'mutt'.No paperwork on this cat ;)
You give good advice!!! I look forward to visiting you.A budding author too,I'm impressed !!
Purrs Mickey

Quasi said...

Hi Mickey,
Thanks. I hope you'll enjoy my book when it comes out. It contains many helpful tips that will help make your life even more pleasant and enjoyable than it already is!

ML said...

KC said...
i finks effurrycat should poop on tha pillows of any press that would leak our purrsonal info to tha public.
:: shudders :: it is bad enuf to haf to go to tha vet, wifout tha world knowing tha awful details.
Purrs, KC

Quasi said...

Hi KC,
I think that's a most excellent idea! And, you're right... going to the vet is bad enough without everyone knowing what goes on there.

felinesopher said...

hi Quasi, thx furr dropping by at ours:)

hehehe...we do hope that, those paparazzi wouldnt take our 'butts' pictures at vet office;) LOL!

anyway, thx furr informing the book, any review about it yet?

do you wanna see the inside at our brain & comparing to humans' brain? try sneak peek at our mommy's blog, Felinesophy

Quasi said...

Hi Felinsopher,
Thank YOU for stopping by. I checked out your mom's brain chart... very cool! My book won't be out until May 6th, so there are no reviews yet, but you can find out more if you visit my website at

Your Friend,