Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Heads up, fellow cats (and cat lovers)! Here are three great new cat sites for you to join: Kitty Happy, My Pet and I, and My Cat Space. I'm a member of all three and can personally attest to their high degree of kittyness (although My Pet and I is open to pets of all kinds... yes, even dogs!). Check out these sites and tell 'em Quasi sent ya.


Jimmy Joe said...

Thanks for visiting my bloggie, Quasi. The Internet is great for kitties.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Quasi said...

Hi Jimmy Joe,
Back at ya! Do you catch a lot of tasty, juicy field mice where you are? Being a Southern Californian, I don't catch too many mice, but we have lots of little lizards that are fun to play with. Their tails pop right off!

Jeff and Joey said...

Good morning Quasi,
Thank you for our mention in your blog and good luck with the book !
Say hello to your mom and dad for us.
Jeff abd Joey,
Toronto, Canada