Monday, March 24, 2008


There was another holiday last week, in addition to St. Patty’s Day and Easter – the Jewish holiday of Purr-em. It began on the evening of March 20. This holiday commemorates the day in ancient Babylonia when the famous Queen Esther saved all the Jewish kitties and fed them all treats. What a gal! There’s even a Book of Esther in the bible. Today, Queen Esther’s largess is commemorated with a special kitty meal, toys, a party, and of course, lots of treats, including ham pate-filled cat cookies called ham-and-treatsen (pictured). Mazel Tov!


Junior said...

Hey I didn't get any treats for Purr-em! I guess I need your book so I can learn how to properly train my human.

Oh and by the way.....she says that one of the firemen was good looking....but to young for her.

Quasi said...

Hi Junior,
Yes, after a thorough read of The World Is Your Litter Box (which comes out five weeks from today, by the way), you will not only get Purr-Em treats next year but pretty much anything else you might want.

Your Friend,