Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We Almost Moved!

This post is a little out of the ordinary for me because it pertains mainly to Steve and his female (my humans) more than it does to cats… although as a preeminent member of our family and the alpha male in the household, I’m impacted by anything that affects Steve and the female.

A couple weeks ago, Steve and his female (who is a Realtor) found a townhouse that they REALLY liked. It was in a great location, had all kinds of cool features including a private rooftop deck, and most importantly, it had appropriate space in the downstairs bathroom for a litter box. The listing agent worked in the female’s office and the female considered her to be a friend, so naturally, Steve and the female felt they had a pretty good shot at getting the place… especially after they made a full-price offer.

Not to bore you with all the gory details (which you can read about on the female’s blog), but after being led to believe they had the “inside track” on the townhouse, Steve and his female learned that the listing agent had her own buyer, and in the end (surprise, surprise), the listing agent’s buyer ended up getting the townhouse. Naturally, Steve and his female were VERY disappointed… and I didn’t get to move into a nice new place.

Steve and the female are being pretty philosophical about the whole thing, but being a cat, I’m not quite as nice or forgiving as them. So, to the listing agent, here’s a big juicy feline hiss just for you. And don’t expect any treats from me this Christmas!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Well, we're hoping there is an even better place waiting for you somewhere.

Fluff =^..^= said...

AW!! That is sooo messed UP!! A BIG FAT HISS from me to. If she has a Cat I hope it Misses it's Litter Box and pukes up a BIG HAIR BALL on her floor!! :(

Judy Graff said...

And that listing agent doesn't even like cats!!!!
--Steve's Female

Terry R said...

Just wait, Quasi! A better place will come! With a bigger kitchen, and a tub in the bathroom for you to hide in... purrrr.

Caren Gittleman said...

well that just stinks!!!!

But.....that means there is something much, much BETTER on the way for all of you!!

Nikita Cat said...


Good luck!

My Human, Daddy Kiril, would like to find a much heaper apartment, here in the OC, since he's unemployed, and it would save us money, but he also wants to have handle on his possibility for job retraining first so we can have an idea of where to look for a place.