Saturday, January 10, 2009


Now that we’re into the new year, Steve and I are hard at work on the follow up to The World Is Your Litter Box. We don’t have an official title yet, but the working title is Litter Box 2 (How’s that for original!). I don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say, if you liked The World Is Your Litter Box, you’ll REALLY like this one!

Now, having said all that, don’t look for the new book in the stores anytime soon. First, we have to finish writing it, and great literature like this doesn’t always come easy (especially when you’re a spoiled, coddled artiste like myself). Then it has to go through all the normal permutations of the publishing industry such as editing, layout, scheduling, etc. The new book will definitely be available before the return of Halley’s Comet, which will make its’ next appearance in mid-2061, but at this point, we can’t exactly say when. I’ll keep you posted, though, as things move along.

Meanwhile – yes here comes the first blatant, shameless plug of 2009 – if you haven’t already read The World Is Your Litter Box yet, or if you know someone who hasn’t, you have plenty of time to pick up a copy before the new book comes out. Hey, we need to keep eating while we work (especially me!).

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