Sunday, July 20, 2008


Last Friday, Steve signed copies of The World Is Your Litter Box at the Los Angeles gift show, which was attended by human gift store owners from all over the country. As usual, Shill, my robotic book-signing emissary, attended on my behalf. The event was very successful and we made many new friends. That’s Steve and Shill in the photo above.

One thing about Steve, though… he’s getting a little cocky doing all these book signings. In fact, on posters promoting the gift show event, he was referred to as the AUTHOR of The World Is Your Litter Box… can you believe it? Harummmph! Clearly, I had to correct THAT situation toot suite! So, with the use of my extraordinary kitty telepathic powers, I ordered him to say, as he signed each book... “Actually, Quasi is the REAL author of the book. I just typed what he told me to write.”

Anyway, you can expect to start seeing The World Is Your Litter Box at gift-type shops in your area in addition to normal bookstores. And if you go into a store and they DON’T have the book, give them a good, juicy hiss for me!


Daisy said...

It was a little bit wrong of your dad to claim he wrote the book. Quasi, it is very clear that you are the true author.

Fred said...

We humans have so many imperfections. Glad you straightened out the whole matter.

Lux said...

How very cool! Especially that Steve is giving you credit where it's due now!

Shilgiah the Cat said...

Mom is still laughing at Shill's name. Hey Quasi, your name is on the book as the author so that should, in part, keep your dad honest about the true and real author.

zevo hussein calamari said...

How cool is that! Congrats...we hope you got lots and lots of orders!

Don't let your pet human get a big head over it all!