Friday, January 8, 2010


As we start the new year and the new decade, many parts of the United States are buried under snow and experiencing extremely cold weather. Not to rub it in for you cats who live in these places, but here in Southern California, it’s been sunny and in the low 70s all week. (Please don’t hate me because I’m warm!).

Anyway, as a cat who has never lived in a frigid place, and who has never even seen snow for that matter, I have some questions about the cold that perhaps some of my cooler-climate kitty friends in the blogosphere can answer…
  • Does snow tickle when it falls on your nose?
  • How does snow feel when you step in it?
  • How do you drink frozen water?
  • Does it hurt to breathe when the air is so cold?
  • Can you still climb trees when they have snow on them?
  • How do you form snowballs with no opposable thumbs?
  • Can your human still get to the store to buy your food?
  • Does your tongue stick to your fur when you lick yourself?
  • Can you swim in snow?
  • Where is all this snow going to go when it finally melts?

Here’s hoping all cats in cold climates have a nice fireplace to sleep in front of during the day and warm humans to cuddle up with at night.

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♥Da fambly kitties♥ said...

All we can hope and purr-ay is that the kitty in you's photo was took by someone into a warm house and love furry much. It looks skeered and cold.