Friday, March 27, 2009


Here’s a news story that should give you pause (or, should I say… paws) for thought. According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, cats (us) and dogs (them) cause 86,000 trip-and-fall injuries to American humans every year…. although dogs, being the oafs that they are, inflict far more damage than us careful, thoughtful felines. Of course, some of these injuries occur when humans stumble over pet toys and food bowls. Can’t they just watch where they’re going!

Apparently, cats cause 11.7% of trip-and-fall injuries. Hey, can we help it if our humans trip over us when we’re weaving sinuously around their legs, racing around the house, or crowding them while they prepare our food? But if you think THAT's bad, how about this… dogs cause a whopping 88% of fall-related injuries. What rubes! Most dog-related injuries occur when humans take ‘ole Rover out for a walk on a leash and get roughly pulled or pushed, which accounts for the huge lead dogs have over cats in the injury-causing department. Clearly, we kitties have some catching up to do!

Fortunately, most of the injuries inflicted on our humans are not too serious… usually nothing more than a sprain or, at worst, a broken bone. Still, fellow cats and dreaded dogs, let’s try to be a bit more careful around our humans. After all, they can’t help it if they’re klutzes.


Daisy said...

That's good advice! Harley always wants to play around on the stairs, and I told him it's dangerous!

PinkynAsh said...

Good point, we'll try and be careful

Shilgiah the Cat said...

It's good to be a cat! Great blog article...very informative.

Terry R said...

Allow me to count the ways in which my big, lovable oaf of a dog has tried to kill me in the past year:

1. She turned me into a human sled when she spotted and chased--yes Quasi--a cat!

2. She jumped after a Frisbee tosser during our 'walkinthepark', and tangled up with my legs, thereby, turning us into a human-canine trash heap.

3. She didn't move out of the way when I was walking down a dark hallway and tripped over her whole body. DUH! Humans can't see in the dark.

Not to mention, both of my daughters will never rollerblade or jog with her again. Just imagine what happens to a rollerblader when a leashed dog is chased by two other unleashed dogs of unmatched fearsomeness!

Yes, it's an interesting trip with our dog, and I'm not at all surprised by the stats you quoted! My cat was, by comparison, a small couch pillow...hardly ever in the way, never strong enough to do more than make a snag in your hosiery, and yet was fearsome enough to make the dog walk a wide path around him. You are right on, Quasi!!