Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here’s a family that is not only unfazed by the ongoing mortgage crisis, they’ve actually benefited from it!

In the upscale Tuscany Hills neighborhood in the foothills of Lake Elsinore, California, a family of bobcats moved has into an empty luxury house that was foreclosed on and made themselves right at home. The family, which consists of at least two adults and three bobcat kittens, appears to be enjoying their new digs… there’s even a koi pond in the backyard for tasty snacks. Yum! And best of all, the neighbors don’t seem to mind the new tenants, so the bobcats are safe from overzealous, gun-totin’ humans that might have other ideas.

Animal experts predict the bobcats will move on when the kittens are big enough to travel, but right now, the family has no immediate plans to leave... and, hey, can you blame them? Talk about pouncing on a good deal!

I wonder if they’ve figured out how to call Domino’s yet?


Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Hahahahaha! We don'ts haz da manshunz around here, but we haz plenty of brand new family homez wit no one livfun in dem... but I don'ts tink we haz bob catz. Skunks mebbe? & vishuiz vegan deerzez.
I yam happee to see you doin' well, & hopefully we gets to start regular bloggin' at da end of Octoburr.

Anonymous said...

That is just THE coolest thing!!!
I would be scareded living next door,but wow!!


George Online Cat said...

Aren't they booooootiful. I do hope humans don't interfere with them or kill them. Humans are worse predators than we cats, big and small. They kill the cowardly way - from a distance.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, those bobcats have found a most interesting place to live! Bobcats are so beautiful. I think they would make excellent neighbors.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Fred said...

Build it, and they will come.

Gretchen and Mike said...

Wow, Big Bob Cats. That's really something.