Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last evening, while I was gazing out the window counting the number of stars in the Milky Way, I was shaken from my reverie when a very large raccoon ran across the top of our fence. At first I thought it was an enemy cat, but no, unless enemy cats have started to wear bandit masks. I was so startled, I forgot to hiss!

Meanwhile, Steve's female, who loves animals of ALL kinds, was awestruck by seeing a woodland creature right here in our own little Burbank (actually, there are quite a few of them, including dreaded coyotes). So what does she do? She takes a handful of MY kitty crunchies and lays them across the top of the fence for the raccoon to eat, and for the next hour, all she talked about was the raccoon.... the raccoon... the raccoon!

Well, we saw no more of the raccoon, and in the morning, the crunchies were still on the top of the fence. I'll be watching for its return, though, and this time, I won't forget to hiss!


Daisy said...

Whoa! I never saw a raccoon in real-life before. Only on TV. Be careful, I think they like to steal stuff (like your foods).

Fred said...

If we forget to close our garage door, we often have a few raccoons exploring our territory. I once found one on a top shelf eating cat food.

Don't hiss, they'll hiss right back. Try leaving cardboard cutouts of wolves. That should keep them away.

Fox's Mom said...

I remember racoons from when I was Out. I did not like them, they smell wrong. Your peoples female needs to be careful but if you tell her they smell wrong she will think you are being rude. Sigh.

Take care,


Me, Gonzo, was not Out long enough to meet anything like this racoon, but there wuz a big nasty woofer...

Unca Molzart knows a lot about Out, and he sez racoons are not nice. So ur woman peepoles needs to BOLO, hehe!

Ox & Xs frum Me, Gonzo!

The Fluffy Tribe said...

we have never seen a raccoon in real life before ~the Fluffy Tribe

Mickey said...

I would hiss too and loudly!!! Those racoons only look cute. They are not nice either and are VERY destructive. Tell him to go find another place to hang out!! Tell him to take the coyotes with him while you're at it ;)
Purrs Mickey

Java's Coffee House said...

Mommy used to see racoons at her old apartment and I would watch thems forever. They was fat and funny.